Behind „Palm Fiction“, founded in 2018, there's us:

A young and highly motivated team, which loves to have its gin with a good story. A team that knows, how to spin and pull the fine threads in complex structures to create moving communication.

A face to fit your needs!

Behind every brand and every company there are real people with authentic personalities. With individual lives, dreams and unmistakeable identities. It's our goal to explore all of this together with you and present your project in an audiovisual way. For this we intensively look upon everything that represents you, your intentions and maybe also your companions

For you, we give everything!

At Palm Fiction we know how important it is to form a multiprofessional team, that provides everything you need. Therefore we don't only create content strategies in the sector film and picture because there is so much more to explore!


This is why our heart beats for the creative and empathetic construction of forceful image-campaigns, that really reach people and don't perish in the loud and mixed-up digital world. To make this work, we clearly point out what is really important for you. We take a look behind the scenes and dig deep to the core.

Exploration first!

Before getting started, we want to learn everything about your deepest motivations. Only then it will be possible to arouse interest. To attract people with a face, that shows pure passion and make everybody recognize themselves in it. Our content strategies will reach your target group in a modern, digital way. With a strong presence like this you'll be the brightest bulb even in the longest light chain.




-  passionate creatives
-  (wo)men of action

-  concepters

-  photographers
-  filmmakers
-  designers
-  social media experts

-  storytellers

-  consultation and strategy
-  concept development

-  campaign creation

-  media (film, video, photo)
-  advertising

-  digital content

-  branded content
-  social media

-  format development


-  image and advertising campaigns
-  conception

-  film production

-  image-, product- & adverstising films

-  postproduction video & photo
-  documentaries photo & video
-  content distribution
-  content für web & social media

-  social media managment







We are friends, musicians, makers, gin lovers, coffee-addicts, travellers, wanderers, dog-lovers, soccer fans, racing enthusiasts, self-teachers....


Lars Buder
CEO / Founder / Producer
Sergej Falk
Creative Director / Founder
Steffen Rachvoll
Sales / Founder / Backoffice
Jonas Michalzik
DoP/ Content Creator / Editor
Patrick Harazim
Content Creator / Social Media



Palm Fiction GmbH

Olivaer Platz 17

10707 Berlin



+4930 71555967

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